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“The fellow who leaves should never think that his connection with his fraternity ends with his graduation. It has only begun. He will come across the members all the years of his life. Some can aid him and some he can aid, but the fact that a man is a member of your own society... Man is a gregarious animal and cannot help it. There is one thing about it, whatever your fraternity brother’s position may be or what turns the fates may have given him: he is worthy of respect” – Peter Schermerhorn Johnson, 20 years after founding Delta Chi












The Brotherhood of a Lifetime


This section is dedicated to the initiated men of Delta Chi who have graduated or no longer attend Virginia Commonwealth University.

The Delta Chi Fraternity believes that brotherhood is for a lifetime. Whether it’s flying in town and pitching in for the pig on Founder’s Day, giving your AMC a call on his birthday, or being the best man at your pledge brother’s Wedding Day, our brotherhood will always remain the same-no matter how far along the road.

Weekly alumni newsletters, the annual Kimball Cup, and brotherhood events open to all initiated is just a small dose of involvement that a VCU Delta Chi can look forward to.


Ready to get involved? 


Correspond with alumni relations officer, Stevie Williams or Chapter Advisor "BB", Aaron Gilbert for upcoming events.

To make a donation to our Chapter through the link to our Paypal donation service under “External” below.